wedding wears specially designed for maternity women

So many questions! Please help a gal out...

• Anybody recently had t-shirts printed with personalized design / logos for their wedding squad? In the Cape Town area...

• Also still searching for a more Bohemian wedding venue (within CT & preferably the CBD) who allows external catering. Thinking old halls, Gardens etc... No wine farms. Looking for odd spots that might not be top of mind for most... wedding wears specially designed for maternity women

• Anybody selling short wedding dresses, more Bohemian in style... or has everything any Cape Town brides or brides-to-be had any luck with a wonderful seamstress in making a dress from scratch?

• Again, anybody selling any rustic (wooden slices, odd nik naks (not the chips ? ), vintage crockery) or Boho inspired wedding decor?

Thank you!

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