vintage style wedding apparels back Tulle Overlay 1950s

People have told me that they are proud of me but I don't feel like I have done enough. I keep pushing on when all I want to do is shut down and hide from the world. There are three things that keep me going, one is my mother. If I didn't have her I would be lost in this world and i wouldn't know what to do with myself. To be honest I wouldn't even be able to function without her in my life. Two is my daddy, he has been my rock since day one and he means everything to me. He has been my should to cry on, someone to punish me when I have done wrong, and that one person that tells me I can do it even when I feel like I can't. This man may not have "made" me but at the same time he has made me who I am today. Third is my father, I have learned from my father I be strong when I feel like I have no one else around. This man made not have been in my life for very wrong but at least he tried and gave it his all. Some days I feel like if I could just talk to him or see him one more time he would tell me that he is proud of his spud. Having gone what I have these three people have made me stronger every day and its not just their mistakes that I have learned from. I also have learned from their achievements, I learned that no matter what I can do anything and to care for someone you just got to put your entire heart into it. I miss all three of these people and pray they are doing well. I keep pushing because I have one person watching over me from heaven, one that calls every other day, and one that I can't even talk to because I cry like a little baby everytime I hear his voice. Thank you for pushing me and teaching me the things you have and the things you didn't mean to teach me. Best set of parents I could ever ask for. We all have been through hell and back but yet we still stand tall and wipe the dirt off of each other! Love you do much vintage style wedding apparels back Tulle Overlay 1950s Trisha Damiano David Damiano and my guardian angel Noel Wood.