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Have you found yourself mad at God? The Creator or organizer of the universe? What if i were to tell you he had already done everything he can for you and the rest is up to you?

He has already provided you with happiness you just have to accept it. He has already paid for your sins and forgiven you, you just have to forgive yourself. He will always show you the path to take, you just have to take it. He has already taken away your pain, you just have to surrender it to Him. vintage style items for party in the night

In our "time" i consider God to be The Great Influencer. He cannot do anything for anyone. Yet he provides us with ways to accomplish miracles. Healing only happens when we have faith. Thy faith hath made thee whole.

Why doesn't God stop the bad things from happening? He can't. That is a breach in the higher laws that govern him. He can only influence the hearts of men. To think that someone or something can make us do anything is a lie feed to us to keep us from action.

God is giving you every opportunity to overcome your problems, to find joy, to provide for your family, to become self reliant and help those around you do the same.

I want to challenge all that have read this post.
1. Forgive God and take responsibility for your life.
2. Forgive others for their wrongdoings, let go of the grudges, and love them.
3. Forgive yourself and let go of all the shortcomings.
4. Reach out for help. God is there. God is listening. God is waiting for you to take action and see all the things he has prepared for you NOW.
5. Just do it! Take action today! Turn off the tv, put your phone down. Look for someone to serve, look for Gods hand in everything! Its their, you just have to open your eyes.

Make this your time, and your day. Make this your life. You are the author, the director, you are the captain of your ship. I am so grateful God is my compass and guide.