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This refers to excessive vomiting during the early part of pregnancy.mostly no cause of the vomiting may be found but it may also be associated with multiple pregnancy. it is always important to rule out medical problems such as malaria, hepatitis, gastritis etc.vomiting sometimes can subside with non pharmacological treatments such as, vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length

1taking in dry foods such as biscuit

2 Avoiding sites that may bring abt vomiting eg. refuse dump.

3 identifying or recognising items that induces the vomiting such as the scent of some perfumes ,tooth paste and certain foods.NB:one must avoid these things once ure able to identify them.

4 chewing stick may also be of help

5 Avoid foods that contain too much spices.

In cases where vomiting still continues after trying the home remedies .it's advised that u consult ur midwife or doctor.