tiffany blue styled items to wear for a prom

Poor Carl.... We all knew Carl Fish the 2nd as the happy go lucky replacement of Carl Fish Jr. who was the stand in for the original Carl Fish ,who died tragically in a spelunking accident while picking out the perfect picnic place for his beloved Sugarfish, But, he was so much more than that, he had class and style if you'd ever taken a moment you would have noticed it right away. Facts, He loved wearing all black, not because he was gothic or depressed but because he considered bright clothing as a distraction from his innate beauty. He was also completely modest and very conservative, he was so much more than the replacement of a replacement... He was the longest surviving blackfish i ever met... And that is why i say, "Poor Carl..." his light was snuffed out by the butt cancer... He is survived by a begrieved Sugarfish, Redfish-Bluefish and both of the remaining Scotts. He will be greatly missed and always remembered a bright spot in a dark and gloomy world. If you want to pay your finally respects or offer any prayers than please do so in the comment section, your words will be read at the funeral which is in four and a half hours from now. tiffany blue styled items to wear for a prom