short sleeve bridesmaid dress

AHHH THIS DAY!!! ? ? ?? ?

Good for SO many reasons!!!

1. I just got the call from corporate that Team Exceed the Dream, our team of online health & fitness coaches is a 2018 PREMIERE TEAM!!! ? This basically means that with all our hard work & all the people we have helped this year, we are in the top 1% of the company!! Literally only like 50 teams out of 350,00 get this recognition!! AHHH love you so much girls!! ? ? we have come SO far and this is only the BEGINNING!! 2018 is going to be HUGE!!!

2. I had my HIGHEST paycheck so far with coaching this week coming in at over $1,000 for the WEEK!! ? I hate talking money but it's part of LIFE and it provides FREEDOM. Some may think that's a lot and some may think that's not a lot at all but to me it's SOOO much more than the amount. Sure, it's great to almost match what I was making in Corporate America and I plan on more than doubling that by the end of the year (on track for 6 figures ? !!), but to me this means doing a job I LOVE. It means breaking free from my cubicle where I would stare out the windows wishing to be in the sunshine. It means doing a job where I can SERVE & HELP others for a living instead of adding more cheese & bacon to their food. It means showing others that there's another way to LIVING life & not just EXISTING. It means I have the blue print to show others how consistency can lead to a life you LOVE with your own schedule & DREAMS. It shows others to not quit their day Dream because you CAN follow your passion & have a successful career. I made the decision to start this for FUN & fulfillment (& some extra nutrition help short sleeve bridesmaid dress ??‍♀️ ), turned it into a part-time income for extra bachelorette party trips ?? ? ? , & now get to do the best job in the world everyday.

3. I'm thiiiiiiis close to picking my wedding dress!!! ?? ?? ?? we went for the 3rd time today and have it narrowed down to 2 dresses!! EEEEK!! ? ? ?

I am SOOO grateful. SO happy. SO passionate about what I do. SO thankful for all of you that I work with. SO thankful to not be googling "what should I do when I grow up" anymore ... because I know EXACTLY where I'm meant to be ??

*Also this is my first time popping a bottle of champagne at 25 years old ? ? ?