prom apparels With Keyhole cut out

Put my third seat back into my van for the winter. No trialing for next two monthes.
Lo and Behold while I struggled with the seat down my front flight of steps a man driving by with a long white beard gets out of his white car and asks to help me. Looked like Santa.
No sooner we lifted it into place he asked that I pay it foward and he disappeared in his white truck before I could really thank him.
I then put Glinda in the van to take her on a therapy dog visit in Carmalt Elementary and a guy in Brookline hits me from behind. No damage but he apologizes..I said everything is ok .. shakes my hand and wishes me prom apparels With Keyhole cut out
Merry Christmas. I told him to pay it foward !
He promised he would.
Be kind and helpful to others. Thats what its all about.
BTW...the guy who hit me Also had a long white beard and a white car. Co-oincidence.?