plus size evening gowns

Poor Little Rich Boy
by Janet Martin © 2009

Poor little rich boy on the fair side of town
You live in a mansion and they tell me you own
Expensive cars and a fancy yacht
Your Dad is famous and you travel a lot
Your designer clothes are really cool
You're the envy of many a boy in school
You're rich in the pleasures that money can buy plus size evening gowns
But is that a tear I see in your eye?
Poor little rich boy why are you sad?
You own every toy that would make a heart glad

Rich little poor boy on the far side of town
All dressed up in your hand-me-downs
Second-hand shoes with a first-rate smile
The kind that never goes out of style
You never give a lot of thought
To what you have or haven't got
But there is a peaceful gleam in your eye
Perhaps the glint of a dream passing by
And money can't buy or ever replace
The glow of contentment on your face

Poor little rich boy in your palace of gold
You've never been taught or ever been told
About a great God up above
Who watches over you in love
No one has snuggled with you in a chair
To wonder what it's like in Heaven fair
Or cuddled you close beside your bed
As precious evening prayers are said
Poor little rich boy your money can't buy
That heavenly treasure in the sky

Rich little poor boy so rich for you know
There's a God above who loves you so
He watches over you all day
In your work and in your play
Rich little poor boy in the arms of your mother
Reading Gods story talking to each other
About the Home beyond the blue
And wondering what Gods angels do
Rich little poor boy you've found the treasure
Of One who loves us without measure
Poor little rich boy on the fair side of town
Envies the boy in his hand-me-downs