one shoulder of the styled items to wear

Many of you know we've had children lost during pregnancy making Benedict a true blessing. Most don't know the whole story. Benedict is our 11th child. We lost two prior to Allison during the pregnancies, one early, one at 6 mo. After Allison came Andrew. He was lost a week after birth due to uterine rupture(VBAC) that resulted in severe neurological damage. Then came Kailey even though doctors had advised us to avoid pregnancy. Again, against doctors advise, we remained open to life and 4 more miscarriages resulting in losses the majority of which occurred around 15 to 20 weeks. The only difference was that after our last loss, the high-risk OB made sure to let us know that, regardless of our history, the chance of another loss was still only 50%. Now we have a healthy baby boy Benedict James. If we had followed medical advise, neither he nor Kailey would be here today. I share this because I want to remind everyone that, even though there may be trial and sorrow, allowing God to be in charge will lead to joy...but you must trust! one shoulder of the styled items to wear