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BRONCHIAL ASTHMA is a chronic inflammatory disease. A reversible episodes of airway obstruction and due to hyper responsiveness of tracheobronchial smooth muscle to various stimuli, resulting in bronchospasm, narrowing of airtubes, mucosal edema and increased bronchial mucus secretion and mucus plugging. mother of the groom and bride collections in vintage style

* Shortness of breath
* Wheezing
* Difficulty breathing
* Cough
* Anxiety

* Rapid, shallow respiration
* Rapid pulse
* Pallor or cyanosis
* Diminished breath sound
* Generalized retractions
* Frequent pausing to catch the breath when talking
* Hyperexpansion of the chest

* Replace carpets with lineleum or wood
* Wash beddings in hot water every 7 days

* Shower before bed

* Use an air filter

* Take a teaspoon of honey and mix it well in a glass of hot water

* Drink plenty of water as it helps to keep the lining of the lungs hydrated

* Cover nose and mouth when it is cold, dust, dry air as it can trigger asthma

* Take C24/7 Natura Ceuticals or RESTORLYF Longevity Polypenols to boast immune system and to prevent.
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