mother in law dresses

In view of the unfortunate killing of this young man by his wife by stabbing for cheating, i would like to proffer the following advise to my brothers:

Keep 2 phones- 1 for not to be brought home but kept in the boot of the car downstairs.

Develop the habit of deleting as you read. It will save your life.

Take your wife for mental check up regularly

Save your girlfriends number with your mothers name. It's a major repellent.

Change your password daily.

Never marry a quiet woman. The ones that will scream and slap will never kill you.

Never pretend to be faithful. Let them catch you once in a while. It's training and will prepare them.

Lock up all the knives in your house and let her sign a register stating what she needs them for and allocate time frame for usage.

Regulate the usage of rat poison and other chemicals In the house. Make sure her mother taste your good before eating.

Regulate and supervise her relationship with her mother. That would cut off supply chain for arms.

Date secondary school girls they are not very needy and will not send texts at night

Sleep with your body ensconced in armour and borrow or buy okada helmet to protect the head

Have a sit down with your wife and discuss possible methods of your death on the event of her catching you. This is to ensure a painless transition

When choosing a girlfriend go for the most beautiful and exotic that you can find. Since it is now a matter of life and death chop better so your death would be justified mother in law dresses

Finally, update your will on a daily cos you will surely be caught.

Wise words from a guru of this department!!!