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Hello there kiddies. Today is a special day for our little group. 5 years ago today I created this group and began sharing the world's urban legends with other horror lovers such as myself. Happy scare-iversary horror junkies. To commemorate this day I have put together a list of 5 short but gruesome urban legends from around the world. Enjoy!


One of the most notorious and unsettling urban legends to come out of Australia.

Many years ago a young tan asian woman who was raped by Japanese fishermen at Darwin’s East Point.

When she realized she was pregnant, she was horrified and hung herself from a poinciana tree. But her spirit did not find peace. Instead the restless spirit became vengeful and started stalking men in East Point, appearing to them as a beautiful vision in white.

However, as soon as the men were entranced by her, she turns into a terrible hag with long talon like claws. She then eviscerated them, and feasted upon their intestines.

For those who are brave, the poinciana woman can be summoned by spinning around three times on a dark, moonless night and calling out her name. Her distinctive scream will let you know that she has been successfully summoned. Although, I'm not sure why any young man would willingly seek her out.


In Okinawa near the Kadena Air Force Base there was an abandoned house. Locals say a man killed himself and his family there.

The house was said to be haunted of course. It was even part of the ghost tours they gave on base. There were reports that the outside lights would turn on by themselves. One story was that a woman could be seen washing her hair in the sink in the kitchen through a window.

The creepiest thing by far was that this house shared a chainlink fence with the daycare building next door. Children between four and five years old would constantly throw toys over the fence. When asked why, they said they wanted to play with the children on the other side. All of the kids saw these other children, but the adults could not. It thoroughly freaked out anyone who worked there. minimalist bridal dress


In a small town in Wisconsin lies a church filled with evil. This town is mostly flat land and corn fields. There are some pretty deep woods off the highway that shelter the church, said to have been built in the late 1800s, but long abandoned.

At some point it is said a group teenagers lead by "an old creepy man" (as described by locals) began performing Satanic rituals in the church. They made attempts to call creatures from Hell or inter-demensional demons.

After one of these rituals the participants did not return home. Police found everyone dead in the church after they'd been missing for a couple days. They were reportedly completely mutilated at the site. The general consensus is that they succeeded in their efforts, but were unable to control what they had summoned.

The legend is well-known in the town and the townsfolk say when driving near the church, never stop your car. Whatever was released is still there and hunts at night.


The legend of the Ghoul in the Middle East differs from region to region. In general, a Ghoul is depicted as a one-eyed creature with a striking red pupil. It is said to live on eating the flesh of human beings while they’re still alive.

It can morph into various forms, like an animal or a devil or it can disappear altogether. It is said that when a Ghoul is struck with a sword, it would beg for another slash to be put it out of its misery.

This is the exact wrong thing to do however, when a Ghoul is struck with a sword once, it dies; but if it’s struck again, it comes back to life and eats the person anyway.


The Sihuanaba as she's known in Guatemala is a shape-shifting spirit in Central America folklore. She is said to have the body of an attractive woman when seen from the back. She has long-haired and is often naked, or wearing a gauzy white dress.

Men come upon her while she's bathing in the river on dark nights. They don't see her real face until she's lured them into danger, or gotten them hopelessly lost.

She usually appears to unfaithful men. It is said that she takes them to a solitary place, then shows them her face. She can appear to have the face of a demented horse or a skull which makes men so scared that they cannot move. She then proceeds to take their souls as punishment for their indiscretions.