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Chapter 7

I was high on Tyler. If I called us kissing minutes earlier battle of the tongues, then this is war of the tongues.It was like I was starring in an episode of Fifty shades of grey. The way he was touching me drove me to a point of insanity. I unbutton his lavender shirt with my mouth still latched on to his. This gives me access to his hard muscular chest. Damn! Tyler Anderson's body is like a work of art. His abs are the rockiest and most visible thing on his body. They stood out like six angry stomach blocks and I didn't waste time to roam my hands on them. I feel them contract under my touch and I smile into our kiss, knowing that little gesture had an strong effect on Tyler.

I wore a pink shirt that can be pulled out just by dragging the long zip at the front part of the top down,and that was exactly what Tyler did to reveal my perky normal sized boobs. I was fifteen years old at the time this happened so have it in mind that I was still undergoing puberty. I didn't have the largest boobs in town but at least I was qualified to wear a bra. Yay!

I wore a blue lacy bra that made my normal sized boobs look bigger than usual. This caught the attention of Tyler and he removed his mouth from mine and proceeded to the neck region. That caused me to moan a little as he grazed his mouth on my skin,sucking harshly on my tender skin. I was a hundred percent sure that I would end up having a hickey,which I eventually did have. He wraps his hands around me like he wanted to give me a hug and unbuckles my bra, leaving me braless and leaving my boobs bare. The janitors closet was pretty cold and that made my nipples to harden. Tyler rubs his thumb on one of my nipples, earning a throaty moan from me. He was just in his Calvin Klein boxers and I was in my bra and shorts.

I was tired of the foreplay and I just wanted to get fucked. This wasn't my wedding night first time where sappy blues would be played and everything else would be decorated in red and white. This was me having my 'first time' in a janitors closet. Nothing special. Just wanted to be a non virgin. So, I just wanted Tyler to cut to the chase. I slap his hand away from my nipples and look him in the eyes. "Enough with the whole foreplay Ty, Fuck me already."

He picks up his trousers, shoves his hand into the pockets and brings out a pack of condoms. I smile like I just won a trophy. Tyler told me we could actually fuck without condoms and I won't get pregnant,but I replied him by saying that prevention is better than cure. Don't get me wrong, I love kids but I'm not gonna be a mom at fifteen.

Since this wasn't the first time anything was gonna penetrate me, it wasn't really compulsory I was gonna fuck with the basic missionary style. Tyler pulled down his boxers once again revealing the MONSTER AMONG MEN between his legs and slips a condom on. I touch his latex covered dick and it was as hard as steel. I give Tyler another seductive smile and pull my own shorts down together with my panties. I shaved all over the night before so I got nothing to be ashamed of.

I kneel on the floor of the janitors closet, on all fours and stick my ass up in the air. Unlike most girls who behave like scaredy cats on their first time, I was like a roaring lioness waiting to take in whatever Tyler gives me. Tyler comes behind me and uses his head to tease my opening. I moan loudly and he kept on doing it, making me feel like he was gonna thrust into me, but he didn't.

"TYLER!STOP THE TEASING RIGHT NOW!" I say clearly annoyed, because he was wasting my time. "Do the damn thing already, I have an American Government test I need to study for tomorrow!"

He realises I'm in no playful mood and thrusts into me hard, just like I wanted him to. I open my mouth a little in shock that an actual dick was inside of me at that time. I urge Tyler to go faster and faster and our fucking was almost animalistic.Tyler continued to thrust balls deep inside of me and I whimpered at the size of him. Like I said earlier, Tyler is BIG. It hurt a little but the pleasure I was experiencing from this, overshadowed the pain. We both moan as our hips were bumping into one another, clearly enjoying every minute of this. I feel a bit of uncomfortability in my abdomen area and with the way he was groaning, we knew were gonna come. With one final thrust into me, our orgasm hit us and I began to drip between my legs and I felt Tyler fill up the condom with his cum inside of me.He thrusts out of me and we pant like we just ran a hundred thousand metres race, but with a weak smile on our faces. long red formal dresses

Like I said earlier, if you think I'm a whore or a fuckgirl or a prostitute, I really don't know what you would call me when you hear of the real talks because this,was just the very beginning...