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A justification for liberalism and other random ramblings
First of all, what is liberalism? In today's vernacular, I would suggest that it equates to a group that embraces change, acknowledges that is necessary, and investigates the best way to make those changes. Liberalism also acknowledges that the world works better and runs smoother if we can work hard at getting rid of a class system. That is to say, if we, as a society can work together to insure that no group is diminished because of their race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, size or shape. At least, these are my beliefs and hopes as a liberal.
My cousin Ken made a statement several years ago, and I took him to task for it. He said, in effect, " I wish we could just go back to the good old days!" I took Ken to task, not because I disagreed with him, but because I realize that it's both impractical and impossible.
First of all, the good old days were good for us for certain reasons that no longer exist:
Because of our age, awareness, responsibilities, all we knew was good. We didn't have bills and killing work schedules, and kids and death and dismay... we had a good life, unencumbered. Our parents might have been going through hell, but we were carefree. Our neighbors might have been troubled, but we were unaware. People in other parts of the country/world were being exploited, discriminated against, hunted and killed, abused, starved, ignored, but our life was good.
I've always enjoyed the times when my life is good. But, when I become more realistic, I see that it might be at someone else's expense. I wonder, if I were just slightly less comfortable, could the next person be slightly more comfortable. A simple example may be, if I do a little more work at home, might my partner have to do a little less, this having a little more free time and enjoyment?

With respect to compensation:
Why do people need more? Well, the simple fact of economics is that, as we develop more things, new and better things become available, making for the ostensible advancement of society... a better vacuum, computer, I pad, auto, toaster, lightbulb, etc. and we, in an attempt to upgrade, save time and energy, replace broken down and worn out, keep up with the Olsons, need mo eye to purchase the new items, which cost more because they are newer and better. Is a part of capitalism. So we must work harder.. more stress, more responsibility, less free time... not as good as the good old days.
With respect to happiness:
As a young person I was happy all the time. I didn't worry about my kids and grandkids, my neighbors and friends, dying and cancer and weight and losing hair and bunions and constipation and ingrown nails and hemmroids and cataracts and insurance and night driving and Autism and politics and wishing we could all get along and love each other.
This is something I'm very unsure of, but think is correct:
The biggest difference I have sensed between liberals and conservatives is as follows. Liberals would like everyone to receive health care.. Everyone, no exceptions. Your ability to get good, honest healthcare is not based on your ability or willingness to work. Of course we would like to see as many people as possible working, contributing etc. but I can't be the judge of why someone isn't working. Maybe they have a learning disorder, or a social malady or something. I'm not going to call them a lazy bastard and deny them healthcare.
Abortions: very few people want there to be zillions of abortions, it's just that we don't believe making it illegal is the best way to reduce the numbers. We do a much better job, and probably spend les money, when we provide abortions, but also provide good education and birth control. Let churches do what they want with their people, but as a society, we need to act smarter. The idea of a roomful of men making these decisions is so ludicrous as to be insane. Come on people, we're better and smarter than this!
Truth: if Donald Trump were to say today that he was a Democrat, (as he has in the past) he would be out of office before the end of the day. Here's what most of us know. 1. We don't like politicians 2. We like power. We like our "party" to be in power. If somebody says their from our party, no matter how evil they are, we will try to like them, ignoring a lot of facts. If they would then reject our party, we'll turn on them very quickly. Think about that. It makes no sense whatsoever... either way. 3. We really would like to have a peaceful country and get along. The vast majority of us don't want slavery, we don't want white supremacy, we don't want Muslim rule or sharia law, we don't want and oligarchy or anarchy, we don't want to pay more taxes than necessary, BUT are willing to pay taxes to get good services and safety, we want our police to be safe as possible, but don't want to live with police brutality, we realize there are waaaaaay toooo many guns in our country, but don't want to give up ours, and many of us are frustrated because we can't figure out how to convey to the world, the common sense we feel within us. lds of the wedding