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"militant normalacy, the not-so-polite demand that the lackwits and failures who style themselves as our betters stop dumping on us normal Americans who work hard and play by the rules". In Psych 101 what you see today is passive aggressive action in politicians. All gung ho with some emotional crisis, on and on they praddle, then nothing. A chance comes to solve the crisis, nothing, not a solution, no nothing, just demur. Why solve the crisis, just spin it through another election cycle, but never solve it, never do what you pledged to do. Re-slogan it; relabel it; recast it; just keep on dancing." The normals like you and I are finally catching on, to be continued isn't working any more. It's about time for the season finale. And they better catch and hang the murder in this show. items to wear of the party online

Conservative, Inc., Is Being Replaced By Us Militant Normals Who are the normals? The Americans who built this country, and defended