items to wear in cocktail which is made by designer

This might be weird. But I have to be honest;
Nigerian guys just like sliding their penises into their girlfriends vagina.
Not bad anyways but it's one thing gliding your honeypot (penis) passionately into that hairy fury pit (vagina), and it's another thing having a knowledge about your woman's menstrual health and helping her financially or more so in getting "anion strip pads like Puressence. Not frequently calling to know when she's on her period or not, so you'd have sex.

The vagina is a complex part of the body with a lot going on both around it and in it. Even in healthy vaginas, there is a yeast and several kinds of bacteria, which contributes to how they smell. Sex, sweating, menstrual cycle phases and diet can all affect vaginal odour for better or for worse.

About 62% of the gynaecological problems women face later in life are related to poor menstrual hygiene and choice of sanitary pads. One of the main things females considers when buying sanitary pads are the Absorbing capabilities of the pad. There is nothing wrong with that because nothing could be more embarrassing like having a period stain on your skirt right?

Whatever your choice, the ideal sanitary napkin should contain anion strip, far infrared and made via biomagnetic technology, free or less artificial scents or fragrances.
These prevents bleeding, itching, cramps, abnormal discharge, odour, tubal blockage & it's sequel and other genital tract problems.

Meanwhile having a good sanitary napkins or other reusable cups that can fit over the cervix doesn't mean you should ignore the basic sanitary hygiene, which include;
1.Take bath or shower at least once a day
2. Use clean underwear and change them regularly
3. Change pads or tampons regularly.
4. Wash the genital area with plain water (no soap) after each use of toilet and even after urination
5.Keep the areas between the legs dry, otherwise you may experience chafing.

It is equally very important to remember that vagina has its own self cleaning mechanism and an external cleaning agent like deodorant or soap should not be used inside it. Glands in the vagina produce fluid that flows out daily to help get rid of dead cells and other harmful materials ( this is discharge). The folds of the vagina also protect against infection by sticking together to keep as much bad stuff as possible. The skin of the of the vaginal folds also have glands that produces fluid, called sebum, for added protection against infection and even waterproofing. items to wear in cocktail which is made by designer
Those of you at the back, can you hear me!!!