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This is a great article that I shared with my groups. I'm reposting it here, because if you haven't realized, I'm a bit obsessed with this thing called journalling. The process of personal writing to find our own answers. To find our own way.

We are so often guided by outside forces in our lives, obligation, commitment, should's etc. Particularly at this time of year with family gathering for the holidays. We 'should' go to aunt Martha's, we 'should' buy gifts for the cousins, we 'should' attend two christmas parties in an evening because you wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Blah, blah, blah. cute and adorable collections for a wedding

What if you would rather stay home, watching cheesy movies, drinking egg nog. When is that going to be okay. When is "you should really stay home and take care of yourself, rather than go and put on the show again this year" going to be okay?

So when the holidays are over, and the bills roll in, and you are emotionally and physically exhausted, remember you had a choice.

The trouble is we forget about 'our' choice because we spend so much time trying to please the outside influences that we leave our own inside influences behind. Ignore your intuition at your own peril.

I'm very serious.

When will it be okay for you to live your life on your terms?

Yes, you may offend some people. Yes, you may lose some friends. So what.

I'd rather have my sanity in tact, my friends also in their pj's drinking egg nog and please myself first.

Selfishness has been seen as a bad thing. So it's better to be wrung out, exhausted and depressed? That's ridiculous.

This article helps to highlight what this writing practice could be for.

If you are curious how I could help you with it, well I have a Dear Diary.... monthly membership program that will support, guide, and witness you on the journey. The group is gathering now. It's very exciting actually. We will meet once a week on zoom to connect, review, and write. Plus we will stay connected during the week for discussion.

I'll include the link if you would like more information.

Love Ciel.

Happy holidays. However you come through the process of celebrating know that there is no right or wrong, bad or good, just choices and you get to choose how you want to spend your time.


Keeping A Daily Journal Could Change Your Life. You know exactly what you want in