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So because of the economic situation of the country, you decided to buy for your son oversized shoes for Christmas and for your daughter an oversized Christmas dress so that they could still use it for next year's Christmas. I just want to greet you. Your type is rare. You deserve a special acknowledgement. You have a special gift of seeing and planning for the future.

Now, your son will have to stuff into his new shoes enough tissues so that his tiny legs inside the oversized shoes could fit in. Your daughter will have to either employ the assistance of her friend to act in the way that a chief bride's maid acts on a long wedding gown or she will use her two hands to carry her oversized dress like how a bride who is being chased and would want to run faster does.

It is obvious you have already concluded that your situation next year is going to be worst, so do not even bother claiming any prayers with a loud voice on how next year will be better than this year. Your action is loud enough.

If you are reading this and it has been sounding funny and you have been laughing, right now I want you to know that I am very serious.

If there is a habit or rather a mentality you must, as a matter of urgency, let go this year, it should be SCARCITY MENTALITY.

I will explain with examples:

You see those people that finds it difficult to let go of old properties, cars, shoes, clothes etc and would prefer to be seeing them get spoilt and useless rather than give them out???. . . that is scarcity mentality at work. They are thinking, if I give them out, will I be able to get another one?

You see those people that will go to a party and after eating to their filled, will still carry food that may last for more than two days as take away and will not mind pouring alcoholic wine into a container to take home??? . . . that is scarcity mentality at work. They are thinking, will I ever get this free food and drinks again?

You see those people that take the advantage because you invited them for an outing, and will drink almost a crate of beer, order all types of fish pepper soup, goat pepper soup, ice-cream, suya, all at once because it is free???. . . that is scarcity mentality at its peak. They are thinking, I will not get this again in my life, I better eat for today and for tomorrow.

I can go on and on. . .

Unfortunately, it is difficult to live in Nigeria without having this type of mentality unconsciously engrained into us. Once power comes, you see people charging all their phones, power banks, boil all the water even in advance, iron all the clothes etc, because you do not know when it will come again.

Once there is water, you see people filling every damn thing they have: big drums, empty pots and buckets, empty Coca-Cola bottles and even Fanta or Coke covers. Anything empty must be filled with water, because you do not know when next water will come.

Instead of carrying a scarcity mentality, carry ABUNDANCE MENTALITY. Put on nice clothes that is your size. Give out your properties especially when they are still very good. When invited to a date or a party, take what is satisfactory to you at that moment. Don't take too little, don't take too much. Be moderate. Don't use because it is free to sell your dignity. (I cannot begin to write all the many instances, they are much). . . when people see that you have this type of mentality, they would ordinarily put you higher. That is the beginning of your breakthrough, else, according to Fr childrens prom dresses Sylvanus , the host of heaven will look at you and do mtchewwwwwww.

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