cheap evening gowns

By Naadira Chhipa
I will not attend that walimah on Sunday if the Gavin Rajah gown I ordered is not here on time.I cannot simply wear the same Dolce and Gabbana dress I wore at our family dinner.
I just have to have that black Guess bag at the mall.It will compliment my Hanaayan scarf and Jimmy choo heels perfectly.I have to accessorize my designer Abaaya from Dubai with the best as it is my best friends bridal shower.
I will not be seen driving a Toyota not even if it is just a courtesy car.I drive the latest Audi always have and always will,it has to do with my taste for luxury as my father always gave me the best comfort in life.
I have just six month's to plan the best wedding my family and friends have ever attended so I will hire only the best wedding planner in the country.My father will be purchasing my gown as it has to be a Vera Wang import from Paris.My trousseau shopping was done a month ago in Dubai and Milan as they have the best designer brands.
I signed a three year gym contract this weekend so now I am prepared to get fit as I bought the lastest Nike gear as well as Puma shoes and Adidas sweat bands.
I will never buy my make up from just any store,it's got to be M.A.C for me.
I just returned a fossil watch my husband gifted me for my birthday as I cannot wear such a cheap brand,it does not go with my image so I bought a Tag Heuer watch instead obviously with his credit card.
I cannot be seen eating at that cheap seafood restaurant in the food court,please make a reservation at my favourite upmarket restaurant or I rather just stay home.
I need to buy that Louis Vuitton toilet cover as it will so match with my Chanel toilet paper.
I was looking forward to eating an expensive box of exquisitely wrapped chocolate and as I carefully unwrapped the golden paper I saw green mould and white worms crawling all over the piece of choclate.I was disgusted.This made me realize that sometimes appearances,brands and all that glitters appeal to individuals who are trying to hide their poor self-esteem or lack of confidence as they wear their highly priced masks everyday they fail to realize the beauty of their aunthencity and uniqueness lies only in simplicity. cheap evening gowns
To all those that are brand obsessed and try to keep ahead with the latest trend in designer labels and gowns,to the ones who will never sit in a car that does not have an airconditioner or sleep in a hotel that is not ten star.To the ones who put a price tag to everything and everyone.To the ones who would gladly sacrifice their happiness inorder to surrender to their ego:
Did you order your Kafan yet?what brand is it,by which designer?Did you organise a Limo to take you to your grave or is it a Bentley?Did you reserve the plot in that upmarket sea facing graveyard?Did you hire the best interior decorator in town and instal an airconditioner,
you have to invest in the best brands and designs as its your eternal abode...
Why do we keep getting caught in the web of this world and all its temporary comforts?Do we not realize that we will be wrapped in a plain white Kafan and placed in a deep,dark grave with Nothing but our good deeds for company.Do we get an ego boost by brands and labels attached to us?Remember the same body we cover with the best brands and the same face we spend so much time beautifying will decompose,rot and be eaten by insects.
May Allah help us in branding our souls by reading our Salaah with intense concentration,r
eciting the Quraan with full understanding and remembering our Allah every step of the way as you could never put a price tag to that.-