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STORY TITLE : The Monster Awakens (Book 2)

CHAPTER ELEVEN : The Revelation

"I woke up with this sensation,it's something i haven't felt in a long time, hope is the dawn of a new day,there's no better feeling in the world than when you are sure in your heart that everything will go your way and so the reason why i looked for my team and friends, both the ones i met recently and the ones I've known for a long time.
I came out of the room and i heard someone say from behind me, "Dr. Lincoln, you are still in recovery, you need rest."
I turned to look at the person and it was my partner - Sucre.
I said to him, "I'm very okay now, trust me." I hugged him.
Then i turned and saw Hartley and he said, "Dr. Lincoln, today is another adventure for both of us, welcome back."
The decorations around the facility seemed to surprise me, suddenly from nowhere my vision was closed by the hands of someone, it was a sensation i was very familiar with so i knew it was a woman, the person then revealed her identity by removing her hands, it was Tracy, she hugged me immediately and said, "You are still in recovery from the car accident, i don't think it's cool for you to be stressing yourself out,anyways Happy 11th Anniversary my love. ".She was wearing the dress she wore on the night of our wedding.
We kissed.
The scene was so full of good memories that i could picture in my head till the day i died, everyone just so very happy for me.
But it's like my fate is sealed, The Frozen horror, the prophecies, the Arctic, the mysterious Island e.t.c, everything was a test to prove a fact; the truth of the matter,i am the only one in this story, i get to be alone in the fight.
Me and Tracy being married, Hartley And Sucre in this time were so happy,it didn't last for five minutes then everything started to crumble,memories fading away for me to wake up to the reality.It started with Tracy, she instantly grew old till her skin turned dust leaving her skeleton, i ran to save her but couldn't.Then same thing happened to Hartley and Sucre,then the facility crumbled to the ground level, leaving me standing on a green grass, i looked around and the earth was empty, nothing to see, i looked up and the sky was gone, it was a hysteria that i had never witnessed before.
Soon i started sinking below,I went down very swiftly, there was no end,i fell a thousand leagues below, like hell was pulling me into it's pit, infact i slept most of the way, i soon arrived on top of water, it wasn't even just water, it was a large mass of water, i was standing on the Pacific ocean, i saw a team of men coming out with a box, they were five, they carried it up to the large ship with another group of men waiting for them to come aboard.
They finally arrived and the commander of the ship commanded one of the men to open the box.Then he did and they all froze when they saw what was inside the box but i couldn't see what they were seeing because i was still in the water, and so i climbed aboard, and when i got on top,i figured that none of them could see me, it was like i was invincible. I used the opportunity to move closer to see what was inside the box,as i was about to look upon the inside of the box, a lightning storm struck the river, the waters started misbehaving like a rattling snake, the commander then instructed his men to turn the ship around because the waves of the water were attempting to cap side the ship.
I was very much afraid, i wasn't even sure that everything i saw was real but as far as i could feel the cold, hear the scary sound of the waves and the thunder, i knew i was in hell, i thought to myself, why can't anyone see me if this is real? Or am i a dream or another mind phase?.
Soon the lightning struck the ship and a part of it was cut, soon water started forcing it's way inside the ship, there was no escape, the men on the ship were panicking, the commander was just busy shouting, "Men, try and hold on to something, none of us will die out here."
The waves were so scary, the ship wasn't even in the middle of the Pacific anymore, because the waves of the water had carried it faraway.
The water entering from beneath the ship had reached a point where the ship could no longer hold and so the ship sank slowly while the commander and his men dived into the water to save their lives.
I found myself under the water, i watched the ship sink before my eyes, and i could see the legs of the commander and his men floating on the top of the water from beneath the surface. Then that was when i sighted the box sinking and i heard a loud voice which said, "Save Me."
Immediately i was thrusted into a dark room and a light struck my eyes and a man appeared in the light, it appeared to be Victor,he shouted at me, "Wake up Lincoln, wake up, it's time,there's no escape, you can't avert the prophecy, all this isn't real, it was just a reminder of what you have to do, i just revealed where the lost seed is, now wake up!!! . "


I soon opened my eyes and i found myself in an enclosed container,i couldn't bear the heat, the darkness and the lack of air, i could feel the container i was in, moving and shaking, And i could hear slight noises from outside it, i couldn't bear it anymore, i started kicking inside and hitting every point with my hand and body until i dropped downwards and hit the ground (whatever it was that i was in).
I heard people shouting and screaming from the outside, i was just inside the box lost in confusion about what was happening.Then when i saw that nothing was happening after the box dropped,i continued kicking and kicking until i heard someone shout,it was a woman's voice, she said, "Open it now!!!,something is wrong."Then someone else said (a man), "Dead men don't come back to life, they stay dead."
I kept on hitting and hitting as the noise increased until the woman shouted once more, "Open the damn box now!!!."
And there was silence for about 10 seconds while i heard some screeching from outside the box and soon enough, the box was opened and immediately the light from the sun penetrated into my eyes like i just gained sight from the first time in my life, my eyes hurt and i closed them and opened them once more and looked, i then rose up only to see a crowd, people ran away as they saw me, only three people stayed and i knew them, they were Hartley, Sucre and Tracy - my employees and friends.
I was very much in shock still putting the pieces together, was i dreaming? was everything i had seen before a dream? was i fully awake now?, or was i in phase two of the dream?.
Tracy was in tears and fear,Sucre wasn't crying but he looked straight at me like someone who wasn't sure of what he was seeing while Hartley looked at me like he had seen a ghost. Sucre was the first to speak, he said, "You died the day before yesterday and this time, Yes we found the body in a river, you died!."
Tracy couldn't look at me, she was scared still crying and i on the other hand didn't really get all the drama until my brain flashed back and i recalled exactly what they were all talking about.
I remembered going to the river to clear my head, i remembered driving away from the river bank to the bridge,I remembered that i was very deep in thoughts ,I could hardly concentrate on the road.After everything with FRankenstein and Victor appearing to me constantly,i didn't know when I drove off the bridge into the waters, i remembered taking my last breath inside the water.
So now i understood everything, i looked around, i was in the premises of my facility, i looked at the box i was in, it was a coffin, i looked straight ahead and saw a hole shaped like the box, i guessed that was where i was supposed to be buried.
I then looked at Tracy whose eyes were extremely sore from crying, i said, "Hey!, it's me, i didn't die, i am alive, it's a miracle." She couldn't bear to look at me, she was just crying, so i came out of the box and immediately she ran away inside the building.
I replied, "It's me guys, i don't know how but I'm alive, i don't know what to tell you."
Sucre immediately said, "So you just expect us to accept you and say 'Welcome back Dr. Lincoln,i can't believe you died and resurrected while we were about to bury you,anyways welcome back', dead men stay dead. "
I was about to speak in reply to his statement when he exclaimed, " You came back first from the pacific telling us a story about how you survived on a mystery island and then we accepted you back because the investigators never found a body, but now you really died and on the day of the burial you resurrect, what are you?, a wizard?, a god?, what?, I can never believe you cheated death twice! just like that,there must be an explanation. Even when you came back the first time, you were acting different, before you died you weren't yourself, you tried to kill Me and Hartley and shunned Tracy, you shunned all of us, you weren't the same man that left for the Arctic, and i can't help but think that maybe you died on that plane crash in the middle of the Pacific ocean, and maybe the man who came back wasn't Dr. Lincoln." cheap black prom dresses
Hartley wanted to speak when Sucre interrupted him, "I don't even trust you Hartley, i don't trust both of you." (he said referring to Hartley and I).He was still talking and talking.
I was fed up and became angry at what he was saying about me, so i said,"FRankenstein."
Sucre now said, "Yes I've heard that name before, this is not the first time, so what does that have to do with your grand resurrection?,what does that have to do with the issue in ground now, tell me!!!. "
I replied , "He's in my head, that's why I've been acting differently, he wants his freedom."
Sucre immediately laughed mocking him and said, "FRankenstein wants his freedom and he told you that in your dreams, huh?."
Hartley who had been quiet all the while then said, " No it actually makes sense, after you died,the next day a man appeared to me and said 'Free my son',I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me and so i forgot about it and then the man appeared again the next day and said the sane thing, I asked him what he was talking about and he said again 'Free my son or you'll all die by his sword',then he told me to electro-shock Dr. Lincoln's dead body, i was very terrified and didn't speak to anyone about it or else they would think I had gone crazy. I tried to resist but the man was in my head, so i waited for the room where Dr. Lincoln was placed to be empty, so before he was carried to be buried, i electro-shocked his body and left the room before anyone noticed,i wondered why i had to electro-shock a dead body. "
I immediately said to Hartley, "That's Victor FRankenstein, he is the creator of the ice god, he wants us to free FRankenstein,he says I'm the messenger and that's why he asked you to bring me back."
Sucre looked at both Hartley and i and said, "And you expect me to believe this crap!. "
I couldn't take that Sucre my partner remained ignorant, so i walked up to him and grabbed him on his shoulders and said, "I am real, i didn't die, take it or leave it, everything Hartley and I said is true,I can't believe that after everything we've been through together, you don't trust me."
Sucre then said, "Alright i believe you, it's just creepy when you think about it, the world was deceived into thinking you died, twice."
Hartley then said, "Tracy was the most hurt out of everyone."
I said to Hartley, "I'll talk to her."
Sucre to Lincoln, "This is still very creepy, first you were gone a month, now you were gone three days and resurrected, that's something only Jesus Christ has the power to do. "
I to Sucre, " Trust me if we don't get FRankenstein, we will all die, remember when i tried to kill you, it wasn't me, it was Victor FRankenstein, he and the monster are connected somehow even in death."
Hartley to Lincoln, "But you know we can't free a monster,you can't electro-shock a dead body and it comes back to life just like that, if this guy Victor has marked you for this task, then it's really serious."
I to Hartley, "This is all my fault,now i know what i have to do, i won't let anyone get hurt because of me, the prophecy says that I'm the messenger who frees the Ice god and revives it,i can't avert the prophecy. "
Sucre to Lincoln, "What are you going to do? ."
I to Sucre,"I do what the prophecy says i do."
Hartley to Lincoln, "So you'll free the monster?, that's insane!!!."
I to Hartley, "It's not like i haven't embarked on that journey before, I've gone down that path before, i was gonna revive FRankenstein until i lost hope and left him to drown in the ocean but i think he wants to be found."
Sucre replied , "No that's not an option."
I to Sucre, "It's our only option now Sucre, I'm sorry but this is how it all goes down, it's my burden, i have to carry it, i started all this and trust me, the story ends with me."
Hartley then said, "Even so, we know that the monster sinked below with rest of the island, it's lost, it can't be found."
I to Hartley, "No that's false, i know where he is, he was discovered by a team but their shop sunk, he is under the ocean but away from the middle of the Pacific. "
Sucre and Hartley now said at the same time, "And how exactly do you know that."
I to both of them, " Victor revealed it to me,trust me this is my story."

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