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Powder Brush or Puff?

I would like to say that when applying powder on your entire face especially a compact powder, a Powder Brush is suitable and will help the powder glide on smoothly onto your skin. It drops the powder on the exact spot where you need it without moving your foundation or other products around. affordable items to wear for maid of the brides

Also, a Powder Brush does not pick up more product than necessary; it is easy to control the quantity of Product picked up by a powder brush.

On the other hand, when you need to set a particular part of your face, like your highlighted or contoured parts of your face, a Powder puff will apply it better. A Powder puff is suitable for setting your makeup or baking like makeup artists will call it.

A Powder puff picks up a lot of the powder and absorbs it into itself, this is why it is suitable for setting because setting powders are most times loose in nature and are needed in large quantity for setting the face.

If you use a powder puff after you have applied foundation, there is a tendency for the puff to pick up some of your foundation or even move the Product around on your face. This will make all your hardwork go to waste and nobody wants that.

So my sisters, I recommend that you use a powder brush for application of powder all over your face. It will make your face smoother and your makeup will appear flawless.

I am # TeamPowderBrush .