UcenterDress lace decorated items of the long garments

Just a random meme thing i wanted to share since im bored right now. You all pretty much know a lot about me already by now.

Info About Me:
- primary name: Heather Thomas
- alternate names/nicknames: Scarlet, Beautiful baby girl
- gender: Female
- pronouns: She and her
- birthday: November 7th, 1993
- zodiac sign: Scorpio

- height: 5'6
- eye color: Blueish gray
- hair color: Brown
- tattoos?: One
- piercings?: One
- have you dyed your hair?: Yes
- long or short hair?: Short

- sexuality: Bisexual
- relationship status: Taken and in a open relationship with my girlfriend Lindsey and boyfriend Cody
- best friends: Brooke, Jermey, Jonathan, Taylor, Megan, Danny, Daniel

Personality/are you..:
- nice or mean?: I'm very sweet and nice. I don't like being mean and others being mean too. I'm rarely ever a mean person.
- honest or deceptive?: Very honest, I don't like liars.
- excitable or calm?: Both, it usually depends that day.
- happy or discontent?: I'm usually happy but there are times when I'm down and sad but it just depends that day.
- violent or relaxed?: I'm very relaxed, violent at times depending on the level of anger I have
- good or evil?: Neutral
- shy or outgoing?: Depends, when I don't know people that well I get very shy but I eventually open up and show myself to those I trust. People that I trust I'm very outgoing. UcenterDress lace decorated items of the long garments
- friendly or disagreeable?: Friendly but there are times when I wanna speak my opinion so to some degree I can disagree.

- tv shows: Pokemon, the Walking Dead, and Spongebob Squarepants, Flash, SOA, Game Of Thrones, Arrow
- anime/cartoon: Naruto, Naruto Shippudin, Yu Gi Oh, Fairy Tail, Bleach
- musician(s): Linkin Park.
- music genre: Pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, heavy metal, country, techno, and Christian music.
- authors: J,Q, Coyle etc.
- book/series: The Infinity Of You And Me
- comic: Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Women, and Harley Quinn.
- youtuber: Nightmare Riders, Krisis Averted and Eternal Sleep
- hobbies: Drawing, walking/running, singing, playing guitar, writing songs, and recording
- colors: Rainbow colors, blue, lime green, red, black, yellow.
- animals: Lions, wolves, cheetahs, dragons, exotic animals, dogs, and cats.
- weather: Sunny and warm with some clouds.
- scents: Ocean breeze, candy apple, lavender, pine, peppermint, and fruity scents.
- stores: Hot Topic, Forever 21, Bath and BodyWorks, GameStop, and Walmart.
- seasons: Spring, summer, and fall
- holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, and Easter.
- time of day: I don't really have a favorite time but I would say usually at night.
- characters: Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, and Ash's Pikachu from the Pokemon series.
- foods: Buffalo chicken, pizza, tacos, steak, salads, pancakes/maple syrup, sausages, and more.

- religion: Christian (I highly believe in God/Jesus/holy spirit). I wouldn't consider Christianity a religion but more of a strong spiritual connection with Jesus Christ.
- believe in magic?: If it's LOTR stuff then yes.
- believe in an afterlife?: Oh yes, I highly believe that. It'll be a wonderful and breathtaking beautiful place called heaven.
- believe in reincarnation?: Yes
- ghosts?: I believe in the holy ghost and spirits both good and bad, and yes ghosts
- angels and demons?: Yes definitely
- aliens?: Yes
- biggest fears: Everything in my flashbacks with my PTSD

- physical health: Epilepsy, Hydrosephlous, Cerebral palsy, Seizure Disorder
- mental health: PTSD
- have you ever been hospitalized?: Yes for my seizures