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Top Ten Worst Drugs

Crystal meth is more addictive than heroin. But heroin has a terrible physical withdrawal attached. I've done both, and I could totally function in nearly every respect on heroin. With Crystal, I was SO messed up, nay, F'ed up, I couldn't even go out in public. Heroin is actually a very docile drug. Meth is an absolute disaster. Once you start, you can't stop.M+80
Ruined my boyfriends life as well as his father that was never there for him. Makes you feel on top of the world and leaves you messed up for over 12+ hours straight. You forgot how much little things mean to you and you lose your morals. No other high gets you like this one. It's too great for its own good so stay the hell away from it if you have anyone that matters to you in your life.M+58
Watch the Australian Ice Destroys Lives commercial. People get fired. The guy attacks his mother after she pleads him not to buy more meth after stealing from her purse or his wallet. And the poor little girl. She sees it happen. It's traumatizing. It doesn't just effect the user, it effects family, friends and other people. But the part where the guy goes psycho in the hospital. Imagine how scary it is. The poor people and cops. Never do drugs, they take over and destroy your life. It's unforgiving. And you always remember that you did them. People always remind you. You can also relapse. And withdrawal doesn't always last a week or 3. It can last your whole life, like with Heroin. It's called PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome). Methamphetamine is way worse than Krokodil and Heroin combined. At least both can be used as a medicine in their right form, not the infested street formM+14

Krokodil (Desomorphine)
People need to learn about this now if it is so far down the list. MIT should be at the too wayy above heroin and everything else.
It rots people's flesh from he inside out. People taking this drug have a life expectancy of 1-4 years depending on how much they do it. If they are in the poorer parts of Russia where they can hardly get real heroin at all, they will use this more and rot and die sooner. Others who only use it when they can't get their usual heroin will live up to the four years maybe but the effects are still there using it even once and you will still rot.
It is ghastly. And just recently may be in the US.
It is codeine mixed with gasoline, lighter fluid, eye drops, and some red phosphorous stuff. In Russia Codeine is over the counter so it's easy to obtain a a much, much cheaper than heroin.
Codeine isn't so easy to get in North America so hopefully that will deter it from being an epidemic here as it is in Russia. Only time will tell. First documented ...moreM+44
Krokodil is one of the worst drugs and its on 11 place? It should be number 1! Listen Krokodil makes your skin become like Crocodiles. And in later stages of the Addiction tears off your skin until bones become visable. Definitely one of the worst things I ever saw.M+36
I'm doing a report on drugs in my Health class and me and my partner did ours on Krokodil.
It's crazy to think this drug was once used for medical reasons (like cocaine once was).
Since it is much cheaper to make this has become the broke man's heroin. And this has become a major problem as it seems to be spreading, even across the ocean, in the pass 14 years since it's been out. There have been cases in Russia, Asia, Europe, and North America (3 states here in the United States that I know of).
This drug has the absolute worst effect. There is paint thinner, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, iodine and the red phosphorous from matchbox strike pads mixed into Krokodil.The best case scenario is that the skin around where the injections are turns a pale green color with patches of black and hardens like crocodile skin (hence Krokodil). Another name for this drug is the "zombie-drug" because it literally eats your flesh where it is injected and the surrounding areas ...moreM+7
Krokodil is one of the worst drugs ever like how the hell is meth 1st Krokodil can damage your brain at first try for the rest of your life,increases heart rate and also can make your skin fall of like come on people really I mean even my friend said krokodil is a killer so come on people how is meth 1st?

How the hell is marijuana on 3rd place? Marijuana is not dangerious and drug on the first place. How many people died from cigarettes, coffee and alcohol? Over milions. How many people died from marijuana? NONE. NONE. NONE. First try it then start talking you retards!M+107
I tried heroin to rid myself of alcohol addiction the first day it worked great as a cure for my hangover didn't take large doses I never drank for a month, one morning I felt a little anxiety and knew that it was probably withdrawal symptoms so I took half as much the next time finished what I had and never tried it again With alcohol drinking weening myself off was an impossibility and the damage to me & those around me was huge. A British study last years showed alcohol caused 3 times more harm than heroin or cocaine & I know it for a fact from my experience. I haven't had a drink in over 10 years & it was marijuana that worked as an anti-depressant and allowed me to sleepM+8
Heroin is by far the worst drug. It is extreemly addictive and very toxicM+32
The most related drugdeads and OD's are from Heroin and rarely from Meth, Coke or other drugs. If you look at the percentage of dead by drugs, Heroin or other opiods comes at the first place.

Cocaine (Crack)
My baby brother tried it for the first time at 16 years. He's just been released from prison earlier this year and is now on his way back to serve a third sentence. Friends have come back to my family to report they've seen him gushing blood from his head while walking down the street. Once he was found passed out on an elevator and mistaken for dead. He's stolen from me, my kids, lied to husband and said I was having an affair just so he could trick my husband into trusting him. This drug got him to give a rap career with Lil Wayne. My brother is now 37. If it weren't for prison, he'd be dead.M+3
The worst. Top problem with drug/sex trafficking. Makes me sick how you have a label for being trafficked the rest of your life and how you try to turn your life over to Christ at ten years old and bam still a target because your childhood wasn't a hundred percent perfect. So now young Christians are drowned in their guilt thinking they are bad because of what someone manipulated them into and they jump off buildings or go towards "Crystal" thinking it is the lesser of the two evils and all know when it comes to drugs, there is NO lesser evil.M
Horrible drug so addictive all it took was my first hit and I have been chasing it since. 9 years and I was able stay clean 4 years only to relapse much worse. I have slept outside done anything and everything to get more tried to clean up so many times. Chronic relapsed I have abused lots of other substances including prescription opiates, benzos alcohol though I am an alcoholic, meth, regular coke, weed and this is by far the most addictive drug I've done. Alcohol usually starts a relapse but then I get crack and that takes over it's my drug of choice

Don't you mean BeLOW marijuana (pun intended)

I hate alcohol. My father was a heavy drinker and he ruined my mother's life and I had 8 sisters and 3 brothers who's life he also ruined. Some in my family became heavy drinkers but I have never drunk alcohol. I cannot understand why it is made to look harmless in the media when in fact it will eventually kill you if drunk to excess and one drink will always lead to more potent alcohol like whiskey, rum, vodka etc. In the media they drink it like water and everything is wonderful with happy smiling people, they don't show the after effects. I had a school friend who I hadn't seen for quite a few years, he tracked me down years later and he had 2 sons, one aged 11 and the other 9. He invited my wife, myself and our son to his home on a Sunday and he telephoned at 10am on the Sunday morning telling us not to come because his 9 year old son had been going for the Sunday papers on his bike at 9am when he was hit by a drunken driver. The driver was 18 years old and he put the boy's bike ... UcenterDress chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching
This proves that people have no clue... Alcohol and nicotine are one of the worst drugs. They should be both on the top 5 following cocaine, heroin and meth. I can't believe Marijuana is on top 3, when it has been proven that not a single human has died from its consumption, and Ecstasy on top 6, when most people that supposedly die from it, actually die from dehydration (if you're on x you tend to dance, so you begin to sweat a lot. You can not blame the drug because of not drinking water, when you were dancing all night). If you would count the number of dead people because of consuming alcohol and nicotine (legal drugs) it will be still much higher than the one of people who had died because of world hunger and thirst, traffic accidents and wars put together

A new British study shows alcohol to cause 3 times more harm than heroin or cocaine I struggled with alcohol addiction for 25 years it killed my father at the age of 49. I tried every other drug on the planet to rid my addiction to alcohol for me I had zero addiction to all drugs but one drink of alcohol and I'm lost for about 10 years drinking 30 to 50 drinks everyday unable to quit

All alcohol tastes horrible - gruppenfuhrerMnew

People have died with one hit. Do not do it there might be worse long term drugs but this is a short term drug as in your dead if you try it.M+7
My health teacher told me of a man who took 80 bullet shots before dying of blood lossM+3
Is this the same as angel dust. Obviously not higher on list because most people will never try it. To much risk for death with one hitM
A rapper was on PCP and became a cannibal. He was literally found running naked covered in blood after he ate he roomate.

Bath Salts
This is definitely in the top 3. Also well known as the "Zombie Infection" after its outbreak with a man on bath salts eating a mans face off. This will ruin your life completely. Maybe fun for a little bit, but ruins your lifetime.M+11
Actually, that guy only smoked marijuana. He probably smoked a bad batch. You aren't even capable of running on bath salts. Your motor functions will be so sedated that you are pretty much incapable of even walking in some cases - 8chAnonymousM
I believe bath salts and synthetic marijuana are population control.. Just saying...M+9
In northern Maine bath salts Is a huge problem and should be higher on the list. It's not because its not super common anywhere else

Slowly killing yourself with each breath? Sounds pretty bad to me. Many people I know who are into 'hard drugs' tell me that Cigarettes are the worst of all drugs. I agree despite the fact that I smoke them.
How is this even legal to sell like we all know the terrible things that come from cigarettes yet people still smoke them and it is basically ling cancer in and a box and plus there very expensive and they don't even make you high biggest rip off on the planet
Probably one of the worst things out there, despite its popularity, actually did you know tobacco is more dangerous than heroin and cocaine? If it was illegal people would probably do the things you see meth heads do to get there next hit. I say all this yet I still smoke, maybe just not start.
Where I'm in (Switzerland), smoking cigarettes is allowed at 16. So is alcohol. Honestly, now, so many people in the world smoke these days. It's hard to see an over 18 without a cigarette these days. When smoking is nothing good:
It costs a lot, first of all. It's like taking a handful of cash and burning it. And you spend all that money just to poison yourself. And you get addicted to poisoning yourself. It also stinks. And don't even talk about lung cancer. Sooo... don't try tobacco. And if you're with a cigarette while reading this, I'd suggest Nicorette.

Benzodiazepines are, by far, the worst drugs out there. They are extremely addictive, cause immense damage to the body & brain, & are nearly impossible to get off of- in fact, like alcohol, the withdrawal process can cause seizures & death if not done correctly. Doctors over -prescribe benzodiazepines all the time & keep their patients on them when they should be used for short periods of time (2-3 weeks max/not months to years on end). The protracted withdrawal symptoms can last for months, even years & have more symptoms than any other drug by far.M
Benzos are very bad. They change your brain and the reversal process is extremely long and can be horrendous. Some people choose to euthanize themselves. It can take years.

Been off over 20 years. I Have Never gotten properly better. An absolute Hell of all Diseases. Trapped, Tormented & Disabled in every way. Have tried everything to get better: NO RETURN, just 24/7 Hell.

It WILL make you do things you wish you'd never have. I previously abused these and struggled coming off of them. I made mistake after mistake and used xanax to cope with everything wrong. It took a near death experience for me to realize the real effects. Too many will make you OD, I was almost out and barely fought theough. Never wanted one again. Weed has taken its place as my anxiety medicine and I'm slowly reclaiming my life. Don't sit by and let your friends abuse xanax, I used to and nobody ever tried stopping me.

Devil's Breath (Scopolamine)
This should be on the top. scopolamine can be the end if you are given a swift or in a drink. this drug is a dangerous drug, if you smell just slightly too much you overdose and die. its that easy. its used as a drug to kill. steal. rape. its not used for fun for sure. its used to take advantage of others. scary!
AH! This drug is straight from a nightmare. I can't even believe it exists. It turns people into obedient zombies, AND they don't remember...
This drug can control your mind, and easily kill you. It it grown in South America, mostly in Colombia. Stay away from this drug.
Its bad 3/10 may try again

Currently dealing with oxycodone addiction and it's miserable. The withdrawl is hell- worse than any flu or food posioning.M+14
This pills will definitely ruin your life I was addicted to oxy and other pain pills for 8yrs..M+6
Horrible addiction! But this is with all opioids a very viscous cycle this addiction is!M
Pretty gewd got smashed it was lit

This is not the date rape drug this is liquid eM
And date rape drugs should be higher then cocaine or heroin, these aren't taken by choice and come with flash backs and trauma that no other drugs can.M
Was discovered by Henri Laborit when he was asked to see why diving soldiers beneath 10 meters in water did get sometimes deadly convulsions trough the oxygen mask. He replaced the natural body substance ( in vitro ) GABA by modificate the radical NH2 with OH. GHB was born ( Gamma hydroxybutyric acid sodium AKA sodium oxybate ). It's medical use is the treatment of cataplexy in patients with narcolepsy. It has a illicit use as a " date-rape drug " because the substance is tasteless and very easy to dissolve in mixing with a drink. Every sedative for that matter can be a " date-rape drug " but because of its liquid substance often abused.

Rito let me start with saying GHB is by far the greatest experience I have ever had on any drug.
I Never post anything like this, not am I big user of the substance by any means.
G OR fantasy is by no means the safest drug to take, but it really shouldn't even be on this list. As posted before it's a natural chemical that is already in our body, once u ingest the effects take no time at all to start coming on and last for the most a hr or 2 depending tolerance and dosage.
The worst part about the stuff is the amount needed to get high vs the amount for an overdose. It comes in either, it's precerser form GBL witch is a chemical solvant used for industrial purposes, terrible chemical taste and smell. Or GHB, either a salty thick liquid or crystized form.
In Australia GHB was banned, so people just started importing GBL. GBL doesn't have to be converted turned into H, the human body can do this for you. Hence the previous comment about the terrible taste, obviously the ...

This is a derivative of Fentanyl and is used only by veterinaries. It's about 10.000 times more stronger than Morphine in dosage ). 0,1 Mg ( 10 Mcg ) can kill a human and is therefor never seen on the street as a drug. Dealers are not in interested in substances that can't be cut with other drugs ( we're talking about Micrograms here! ) or that have a great potential to kill their " customers ". Useful medication for big animals, never used for people. Is this one of the worst drugs? Not really because it is used only by professionals.


I tried ketamine a few times. Still safer than alcohol because it doesn't incite violence. While it does impair memory, it does not impair judgment. Ketamine users, unlike alcoholics, know not to drive a car. - marmalade_skiesM+4
Famous for being expensive and long effectsM+6
Too much of this will take you to an alternate reality. Especially if mixed with weedM+4
You can't describe the feeling. It's literally never ending hell.

There's a bunch of idiots in here for some reason, LSD kills brain cells then you trip for ever, just wow I don't know what to say. You can use that with any other drug drink to much and you will be drunk forever smoke to much and you'll be high forever there's no one on this planet tripping forever it's a myth. And one guy said LSD is like playing roulette with your life, LSD has killed no body a big fat zero, the only time its dangerous is when you have predisposition to a mental disorders like psychosis, if you don't its no were near as bad as you say its, its one of the safest things out there not safe safest. And you also said LSD is the only drug to do damage to you a short amount of time? What LSD does zero damage to the physical body and if you have no mental illnesses than LSD won't created one so how is LSD a bad drug? And also it doesn't trigger psychosis and other mental illnesses unless you have it before hand even then it's rare, and it doesn't kill brain. Cells, I've

Powerful drug but not very bad

This thing makes you forget about EVERYTHING and so you can sort of scape of the world and your problems, it makes you not to care about ANYTHING at all. If you try this, you MUST look at the sky, so beautiful, it also makes you appreciate more the little things in life. It puts you in these surreal world made by your mind. Oh and after you try this, you cannot donate marrow.M+10
Worst of all, some LSD is hidden in some candies that they might hand to you. Who knows who may be a drug dealer? Stay aware.

Every kind of steroid ( anabolic steroids, corticosteroides, glucosteroides ) has the potential when used for a long time or too high doses to make you Sugar intolerant. Many people who were treated with steroids are insuline patients now. It has a medical use ( sometimes it will be the only therapy that will work ) but if you can avoid it don't take them. People who take them to increase performances ( in sport for instance ) are really playing with their health.M+1
No they want to be lazy productiveM
Whoever uses steroids are lazy. -

I am from Europe and I share that opinion. When my kids were small there was the choice to buy Nova-histene cough syrup with codeine you could buy by signing for it at our local drugstore. When their cough was getting so bad that they could not hardly stop, that syrup would help immediately and without side effects and allowed them to sleep at night (me too! ),No harm done, as long as you followed directions. I myself am old now, and sure could use a little codeine for my everyday pains, but I have to get a prescription from my doctor for more that $60 per each appointment, which I can ill afford. Why could we not regain that trust we had in adults then?

D-118's hard to come off milder version of being on heroin and destroys your liverM+1
Pour that bubbly drink that muddy drink that muddy

Tylenol was given to my older triplet brothers when they had twisted ankles after they fell off their scooters/skateboards (the twists happened on different dates). It made them fell better. Best, Tylenol is non-addictive.M
Its terrible! It cures minor body pain! If that isn't bad then I don't know what is.. - ryanrimmelM+2
It's not a addictive drug but acetaminophen may cause severe hepatic toxicity on overdose. Chronic daily use of 5-8 g in adults over several months or 3/4 g day of acetaminophen for 1 year have resulted in liver damage for every patient without exeptions.Tylenol tablets ( all acetaminophen containing brands ) have all contains of Phenacetin ( a molecule anticipated to be a carcinogen ).

This drug got me laidM+22
It makes me really hornyM+11
Opium and Heroin are different. Opium is found in the Opium Poppy and is used to make morphine and other drugs. Heroin is a more potent form of morphine. You need a chemical called Acetic Anhydride and Morphine to create Heroin, although there are tons of ingredients in Heroin. The scientific name for Heroin is Diacetylmorphine. So Heroin and Opium are not the same

Psilocybin Mushrooms
More or less the same effects as Cannabis but more profound and more euphoriant. Never seen or heard of bad trips on Psilocybin. This is legal to sell and buy in Holland. So, if it was really a dangerous substance it wouldn't be legal. Don't drink Alcohol, drive etc... and this is a safe drug. No less or more dangerous than Cannabis.M+4
I voted this up just to get marijuana lower on the list -