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In today's world,we as a people are fond of looking on only one side of the coin and base our judgment on it without flipping the other side of it to make a comparison before we reach a conclusion.
In this article, I look at both sides of the coin in the case of Hon.Davies Mwila who serves as Secretary General of the Patriotic Front on H.E President Edgar Chagwa Lungu's appointment.

Born on 12th December 1963, a happily Married family man who is a Trade Unionist by profession and also a seasoned politician whose passionate Hobbies are Boxing and Football.
Hon.Davies Mwila served as Treasurer for the Mine Workers Union of zambia and was first elected as Chipili constituency member of Parliament on the PF ticket in 2006 and was reelected in 2011 in the historic tripartite elections that ushered the patriotic front under the leadership of H.E President Michael Chilufya Sata(M.H.S.R.I.P) into Government ending the 20year rule of the MMD.

Under President Michael Sata's administration, he served as provincial minister for the copperbelt province and luapula province respectively (I stand to be corrected) before being appointed Deputy Minister of Defense in July 2012 a prestigious position he later unceremoniously resigned from on principle in 2013 a development which is unprecedented in our political culture/dispensation.Despite his resignation from government, he remained a dedicated and loyal member of the party unconditionally and never attempted to wash any dirty linen in public.

Fast forward to October 2014 when the cold hand of death robbed us of a rare great statesman in Michael Chilufya Sata only three years into his historic rule, the patriotic front was under siege from an internationally acclaimed mafian(Corporate) cartel comprising of Dr.Guy Scott, Fred M'membe, Mutembo Nchito, Dr.Rajahn Mathani, Antony Kasolo etc.which wanted to impose their puppet to take over the Patriotic Front.
It is important to note that I (author of this article) respect the said cartel when it comes to matters of using tactical thinking on the political chess board because they really think through before acting.
The cartel identified Hon.Davies Mwila as the man who had the political potential,tact and mussel to deliver the PF presidency to them, hence their directive to their porn(puppet) the then acting PF and Republican president Dr. Guy Scott to fire the then PF secretary general now Republican president H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu and have him replaced with Hon.Davies Mwila who immediately rejected the appointment on principle and said in the tradition of where he comes from (Luapula) it was an abomination to engage in the game of thrones whilst you are still mourning the deceased much to the delight of PF members and the general citizenry who further immediately went on rampage protesting against the cartel's maneuvers. Ucenter Dress off white garments suitable for wedding
To this date, I respect and admire Hon.Davies Mwila for making such a bold decision to reject the cartels offer an attribute that is not common in most of our politicians today.

Fast forward, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu became PF President and eventually the Republican President and Hon.Davies Mwila supported him unconditionally 100%. President Lungu then appointed him to his cabinet as Minister of Home Affairs (Jan 2015).

After being an Mp for Chipili constituency for ten(10) years(2006 - 2016), Hon.Davies Mwila unfortunately did not succeed in his bid to retain the seat, as an independent candidate grabbed the seat away from PF .( under circumstances I can not disclose in public)
This has to this day brought controversy on Hon.Mwila as most political analysts have only looked at this side of the coin to judge his political capability ignoring the fact that he served as Mp for chipili constituency for ten years which is no mean achievement on top of the critical role he played in mobilization PF in bemba land when the party was in the opposition.

In a practical example of a boxer,we can say Hon.Davies Mwila has fought three(3) title matches with a record of two(2) wins and one(1) loss.

Based on this principle,it is highly unreasonable to suggest or conclude that he is not a good boxer because a record 2 -1 is not a bad one and any boxer in this situation aims at getting back to the drawing board in order to redeem their glory in a more aggressive and tactical pursuit.

All said and done, it was not wrong for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to appoint Hon Davies Mwila as the party C.E.O contrary to misguided political pundits who want to crucify the PF SG on that basis deliberately ignoring his positives.
In a Democracy and especially a shinning example like ours,it must be understood that in any election you can either win or lose and in an event that you lose, that does not in any way mean you are not a good politician because it's only the name and rule of the game of politics.

When doomsayers thought that Hon.Davies Mwila's political career came to an end following his unsuccessful third time chipili constituency bid, they got a shock of their lives when President Edgar Chagwa Lungu wisely appointed him as Secretary General of the PF therefore making him the third most senior and powerful figure in both the party rank and file and the entire Republic of Zambia a development that has kept them choking with envy and jealous to this day.

Moral lesson, do not be in a hurry in life instead, believe in God's time because it's the best.Davies Mwila denied Dr.Scott's appointment and got appointed to the same position one year later by a more legitimate President.
Had Hon.Davies Mwila been power hungry and accepted the appointment by Dr.Guy Scott, he most likely would have never been Home affairs Minister and most importantly the Chief Executive Officer of the Patriotic Front a position in which he is diligently discharging his duties to the satisfaction of the appointment authority as revealed by the president himself.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu also showed us that Gods time is the best when he temporarily handed over the instruments of power to Dr.Guy Scott at the verge of creating a constitutional crisis for the sake of peace,unity and eventually got it back at Gods appointed time when he was overwhelmingly elected by the Zambian people as the 6th President of the Republic of Zambia on 20th January, 2015.